Invest in your marriage

Are you willing to take time and put forth effort to Invest in YOUR Marriage? Or, are your investment priorities on other things such as hours at work, money for retirement, buying stocks, etc.?   There will come a time when the kids finally leave the house, and you look at your spouse and hopefully say, “Whoopee!” Not, “Who are YOU?”  Invest in your marriage Now and your future returns will be that much brighter!

Larry & Cyndy Peterson invite you to attend a Marriage Investment Life Group to hone your Marriage investment skills! Together, they have over 30 years experience facilitating marriages for all ages. Please check the bulletin for signups and dates!  No need to purchase books, workbooks, etc. - just bring a notepad and a sincere willingness to invest in your marriage!   

Diane / Todd Osborne; Mark/Sherma Fister; Susan/Steve Painter; Barb/Ron Underwood and Larry & Cyndy Peterson (Leaders).  Missing from the photo were Pete/Sue Larson.